Christian Concern

I am very grateful for Christian Concern’s recent approach asking me to produce a film for them to raise awareness of their legal support of “The Bristol Four” – four street preachers in South West England who have been harassed by police over the best part of a decade, whose freedoms of speech have been seriously violated.

Having perused their brief, I set about to make contact with the individuals involved in this court case, carried out a series of recorded Zoom interviews and then edited and adapted the content into a cohesive piece of film with a compelling narrative.

How was a multi-disciplinary package helpful for this client?

In being given a specific, very time-sensitive brief for this project, I wasn’t just being employed as a freelance video editor; I was also required to manage several other elements so as to produce the final result:

Liaising personally with “The Bristol Four”; shaping and hosting an interview conversation with them; referring to the PR pertinent to their court case. Research and information gathering, understanding tone and target audience were also vital for a fast turn-around within CC’s limited window of opportunity.

Hence leadership, strategic acumen and an understanding of the U.K. “church landscape” were essential skills.

It was a joy to connect with the guys in CC’s communications department and to collaborate successfully on a very important kingdom project, attracting over 50,000 views in the first 5 days after release.

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