Edinburgh Bible College

Working with the small team at Edinburgh Bible College was a joy! Initially, the brief was to look at refreshing their website and prospectus for a new academic intake.

I worked closely with the College Principal and their academic team, introducing them to the helpful world of Slack, and crafted a new prospectus document from scratch. This was especially successful because of the bespoke photography that I produced.

How was a multi-disciplinary package helpfufor this client?

Inevitably, the scope for film became obvious as a fitting accompaniment to the unique photography and copyediting that was extensive.

It was my flexible approach with this project that enabled me to visit their college on a number of occasions, spending time together with staff and students, planning the work at hand, while also returning several times to capture photography and then film to bolster the work with WordPress and prospectus/logo design. (Download the prospectus below).

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