Digital Consultancy Services

Do you need help in becoming a credible digital presence? Is your website’s shop window a little lacklustre? Are your items on display a little tired-looking? Are you shooting yourself in the foot?

It’s likely that you’re looking to satisfy multiple briefs at once and might not know how to hit your targets with only a small budget, limited personnel and without enough capacity to hire the larger team that you dream of. 

This is where my expertise in simultaneously renovating aesthetic appearance and design, and strategic, written content, will come into its own.

Profiting all of your business/passion aims, I will work very closely with you to manage a unique project that will produce a bespoke and creative facelift to your online presence…

This would be impossible by just hiring one staff member. 

Do you need a film-maker and a writer and a photographer and a social media manager and a copyeditor? Perhaps you’ll then need someone to also understand social proposition, the subtleties of tone and target audience as well as how to amplify all of this new gleaming content via the epic world of social media?

It’s this multi-disciplinary package that makes my digital consultancy service completely distinct from others.

With specialisms in copyediting, copywriting, social media management, WordPress website development, digital strategy bolstered by professional videography and photography services, I can help make your renovation happen quickly and affordably.

With umpteen clients under my belt, from throughout private, public and charitable sectors, including the Scottish Government, I offer a wealth of experience that will enable you to fulfil your organisational objectives.

Please get in touch to see if a digital consultancy with me might be your perfect solution.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, I am available to travel throughout the UK and overseas as appropriate.