Emmanuel Henbury

I was contacted by the Senior Leader of Emmanuel Chapel, Henbury, after he had stumbled across and read my book, Body Zero.

This particular project is a classic example of how it is that sometimes certain skill-sets/CVs do not necessarily result in the desired outcome; sometimes, only chemistry will achieve this.

It was particularly flattering to be approached about this project because it was a genuine opportunity to work with a blank canvas that would influence a much wider community.

The digital facelift for Emmanuel Henbury included a completely new WordPress website, populated with completely bespoke photography and film.

How was a multi-disciplinary package helpfufor this client?

Once again, the copywriting/editing involved in this project was as important as the high-end visuals and cinematic drone shots. The church wanted to appeal to a wide audience but in such a way as to lead into the realisation of a new future. This wouldn’t always be popular but the conviction was that it was absolutely essential.

I particularly enjoyed surveying social proposition for this client, use of language, assessing their existing presence online and then producing written, photographic and film content to fill their canvas with vivid colour.

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